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Princess Posey and the First Grade Parade
Stephanie Green
Ages 5-7

Posey is not excited to start first grade. First of all, she
has to walk to class all by herself. Then there is the hallway monster that the neighbor boys told her about. On top of all that she can’t even wear her favorite tutu which makes her feel brave and turns her into Princess Posey! When she runs into her first grade teacher before the beginning of school, Posey has a few suggestions on how the first day of school should be run. Will
her teacher take Posey’s suggestions or will Posey have to face her first day of school without her special tutu? This is a sweet story with short pages and lots of pictures and would be a good book for those just transitioning to chapter books or beginning the first grade. J FIC Gre

Mar 3, 2015
Touch Blue
Cynthia Lord
Ages 9-12

11-year-old Tess loves attending her small island school off the coast of Maine.  Unfortunately, the school may be forced to shut down due to low enrollment.  In attempt to save the school, several island families agree to take in foster children in order to increase enrollment.  The plan seems promising, until Tess meets Aaron, her family's 13-year-old foster child.  Aaron isn't excited to be living on the small island, and trouble ensues.  Will their plan work, or will Tess and her family be forced to move to the mainland?  Read to find out!

Mar 3, 2015
When the Beat was Born: DJ Kool Herc and the Creation of Hip Hop
Laban Carrick Hill
ages 6-10

This is the biography of the first hip hop DJ, Kool Herc. Born in Jamaica and raised in the Bronx, New York City, DJ Kool Herc liked the way music made him feel so he put on dance parties for his friends. In the process, his friends became the first DJs and breakdancers and soon influenced a whole new way of life. Great pictures and a great timeline make this a hip hoppity good time. J BIOG DJ Kool Herc

Feb 2, 2015
The Book With No Pictures
B.J. Novak
5-8 year olds

What?!  A picture book with no pictures?!  Sounds boring doesn't it?  But don't be fooled. This book is anything but dull.  Packed with crazy, made-up words and silly sentences that will have you laughing out loud, The Book With No Pictures is sure to become a fast favorite! 

Feb 2, 2015
El Deafo
Cece Bell
9 yrs. and up

This graphic novel tells the true story of Cece, an ordinary girl with ordinary problems, which include adjusting to a new school, how to make a true friend, and getting her first crush.  On top of those things, due to a childhood illness, Cece is dealing with a hearing loss.  After some ups and downs, Cece decides she can turn her deafness into a superpower and become, "El Deafo", superhero extraordinaire, with the help of her "Phonic Ear" hearing aid!  Tweens, teens, and adults will relate to and be inspired by Cece's story.

Feb 2, 2015
Hooray for Hat!
Brian Wan
Ages 4 - 8

This is a warm book shows how cheering up your friends when they're down can be as simple as giving them a small gift and including them in your fun. 

Feb 2, 2015
Once Upon an Alphabet: Short Stories For All the Letters
Oliver Jeffers
Ages 4-10

Oliver Jeffers presents 26 delightful short stories-- one for each letter of the alphabet.  Stories include a Cup that dares to jump from a Cupboard to a window, a Lumberjack that has been struck by Lightning 111 times, and Robots that steal Rain clouds from the sky.  Kids will love the humorous ink illustrations. 

Feb 2, 2015
If Kids Ruled the World
Linda Bailey
Ages 3-6

This book poses that if KIDS ruled the world things would be run VERY differently!  Birthdays would be every day, you could have all the pets you want (well maybe not a grizzly bear), and everyone would be a prince or a princess.  This is a surefire favorite... fun, fun, fun! 

Jan 1, 2015
Mrs Fry
We are the Ship cover image
We Are the Ship: The Story of Negro League Baseball
Words and paintings by Kadir Nelson
ages 8 - 12

We Are The Ship is a wonderful history of Negro League Baseball in the United States from its start in the 1920s to its end in the late 1940s (after Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in major league baseball). There are so many wonderful stories about Negro League Baseball: did you know they used to play 4-5 games in a day? did you know some teams had their own bus, but most traveled by car and often slept in those overnight? Did you know that many played winter ball in Latin America, where they received better overall treatment? The pictures are realistic and iconic and the story is a great read-aloud (check out mentions of former Detroit Stars player Norman "Turkey" Stearns, a MLB Hall of Fame inductee).

Jan 1, 2015
Calvin, Look Out!
Jennifer Berne
Ages 3-8

Calvin is a black bird, a really adorable one at that. He loves to read, but one day he realizes his vision is no longer clear.  Calvin needs glasses!  His family teases him, but Calvin proves he is a leader by not fretting too much about what others say.  All children get teased about something, and Calvin shows them they are not alone.  After a series of mishaps, Calvin gets lost and trapped in the forest.  It's his glasses (and smarts) that save the day!

Jan 1, 2015
Mrs Fry

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