Geek the Library


Whatever you geek, the public library supports you. Join Geek the Library in spreading awareness about the value of libraries and the critical funding issues they face.

Geeks of the Month:

Chris Swanson, Principal at Thomas A. Edison Elementary
Jenna Mullins, Principal at Wildwood Elementary
Jennifer Curry, Principal at P.D. Graham Elementary

We geek the library!

Principals: "The public library supports all of the schools of the Wayne-Westland District by providing books and other resources, along with programs that support learning, exploration, and growth of students. The library is a hub of the community, a gathering place, and a great place to learn at your own pace and pursue your interests, curiosities, and build knowledge."

Chris Swanson: "When I was my students' age the summer reading program and going to the library was one of my favorite parts of summer. I loved being able to pick out books, sit and read, and earn my rewards based on my reading. The summer reading program helped me become a life-long, voracious reader."

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